Tudor Revival (1890-1940)

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Character Defining Features

  • Tudor RevivalOne to two stories;
  • Asymmetrical;
  • Overhanging second floors;
  • May have rolled eaves;
  • Wood shake or slate roofing;
  • Flattened pointed arches at door and door surrounds;
  • Cross-gabled, steeply pitched roof (sometimes with clipped gables);
  • Arrangements of tall, narrow multi-light windows in bands (often casement windows and diamond-paned);
  • Tudor RevivalLarge chimney placed either at the front or side of the house;
  • Chimneys often have decorative brick or stone work;Doors may be half-round or arched with decorative hardware;
  • Wall cladding includes: stucco, plaster, brick, river rock and stone; and,
  • Decorative half-timbering with stucco or plaster infill. Sometimes with brick infill.

Window Examples

Window ExampleWindow ExampleWindow ExampleWindow ExampleWindow Example

Door Examples

Door ExampleDoor ExampleDoor ExampleDoor ExampleDoor Example

Siding Examples

Half-timbering with stucco infillHalf-timbering with brick infillSand stuccoPlasterBrick siding