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Clean Power Alliance and Green Projects

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The City of Whittier is dedicated to pursuing environmentally friendly policies, programs and services that expand on past initiatives to promote energy conservation efforts. Below is a list of highlights that demonstrate the City’s ongoing commitment to conserving and improving sustainability through smart technology and implementing environmentally friendly initiatives City-wide.


The City partnered with The Energy Network to invest $2.2 million in conservation enhancements that resulted in a 4.2 year payback and included the following upgrades:

  • 1,626 streetlights converted to LED, saving 975,081 kWh
  • HVAC/mechanical system improvements at City buildings
  • Building lighting has been converted to LED fixtures at City Hall and the Community Center
  • The Palm Park pool pump has been replaced with a variable speed pump to save power 

Whittier also received Beacon Spotlight Awards from the Institute for Local Government:

  • Gold Level recognition for 12% Energy Savings
  • Silver Level recognition for Best Practices Activities


Clean Power Alliance Logo - Locally powered energy innovation

In January of 2018 Whittier joined a local consortium, the Clean Power Alliance, to purchase wholesale electrical power for residents and businesses at competitive rates. Beginning February 2019, the CPA will be servicing Whittier customers by purchasing electricity generated from renewable sources and delivering that electricity through the same Southern California Edison (SCE) power poles and power lines that supply your electricity today.

  • CPA moves Whittier from SCE’s 34% renewable power generation to CPA’s 50% renewable at a lower cost than SCE
  • This significantly increases “green” energy utilized in Whittier by reducing greenhouse emissions
  • Whittier customers may opt out (stay with SCE) or go with CPA and select a specific level of renewable power generation (36%, 50% or 100%)
How does it work?

The CPA purchases energy and transmits it through the City's existing provider, Southern California Edison (SCE). Customers will be able to choose from three renewable energy service levels through the Clean Power Alliance and SCE will continue to deliver the power to your home or business, send one bill and be responsible for resolving any issues with your electricity service. With CPA, you are able to change your rate to the option that best suits you, your family or your business best at any time.

Do I have to take any action?

As a customer, you don’t have to do anything to be automatically enrolled and should be receiving a pre-enrollment notice detailing more information on your options for service. The City of Whittier has selected the Clean Power 50% renewable energy default level, but you can upgrade to the 100% Green Power renewable option or the 36% Lean Power option at any time once enrolled.

Will my bill look different?

Southern California Edison (SCE) will continue to deliver your power, send you an SCE bill and resolve any electrical service issues you have. You will see a new line item on the bill that addresses the cost of power generation costs from Clean Power Alliance. You can learn more about how your monthly bill will change with Clean Power Alliance using their bill comparison tool: You can also view rate sheets or contact the CPA at for additional bill comparison assistance.

How do I make my selection?

Those selecting the Clean Power option don't need to take any action; you will automatically switch to 50% renewable power generation sources in February of 2019. For anyone who would like to select the 100% Green Power option, the 36% Lean Power option or opt out of CPA service entirely (remaining with SCE to provide your electrical power generation), visit the CPA website for detailed instructions.

Can I out of the CPA and remain with my current service provider?

The City of Whittier is proud to bring clean, renewable power generation to Whittier and support a greener, more sustainable future for our community through the Clean Power Alliance. However, if you would like to opt out of the CPA and remain with SCE, you can submit the necessary opt out form online or call (888) 585-3788 to speak to a CPA customer service representative directly.

Where can I find more information?

Find the top consumer questions on the CPA's Frequently Asked Questions page, visit or call (888) 585-3788 to speak to a customer service representative.

A general fact sheet is available here. Customers can learn more, or opt out should they choose to, by visiting


Additional green projects include the following:

  • New Marshall R. Bowen Pumping Plant uses energy efficient water pumps
  • The Savage Canyon Landfill produces methane gas that is piped to PIH Health to produce electrical power for the hospital
  • The City owns 8 trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) rather than diesel engines
  • Traffic signals have been retrofitted to LED lighting
  • The Whittier Greenway Trail’s bioswale near Pickering Avenue percolates water into the groundwater system
  • All newly installed streetlights (Beverly Boulevard, Washington Boulevard and Whittier Boulevard) have energy saving LED fixtures
  • The City is redesigning turf medians on Whittier Boulevard to convert to lower water use
  •  For appropriate projects, the City uses rubberized asphalt made from recycled tires; roughly 1,500 tires are used for every lane-mile of rubberized paving
  • The City’s Graffiti Abatement crew uses recycled paint to cover graffiti
  • The City’s franchise haulers are each required to offer commercial and multi-family organics recycling to comply with AB 1826, which is the phased-in commercial organics recycling requirement. The haulers must provide organics recycling service, education and outreach to commercial customers, which includes signage, in-house, bilingual training with kitchen and janitorial staff and connecting customers with food donation programs. The haulers are also required to implement a residential food waste diversion program if mandated by CalRecycle.
  • The City of Whittier now offers online public records requests
  • Through the implementation of updated technology and software, City staff has increased their use of paperless meeting agenda materials
  • Whittier’s bicycle master plan has 40 miles of bicycle lanes and trails
  • New housing projects (The Groves, former ICC site, etc.) will have conduits and electrical panels ready for easy installation of rooftop solar panels and EV chargers
  • The update to the Whittier General Plan will include climate action plan policies
  • Whittier is leading efforts with the Gateway Cities Council of Governments to create a climate action framework within the 27 cities across Southeast LA County
  • Several traffic signal synchronization projects are in design on major streets, including Lambert Road and Beverly Boulevard, thus reducing delay time at intersections and reducing vehicle emissions for cleaner air
  • Whittier is especially proud of our urban forest. Designated for more than 30 years as a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation, our urban forest improves air quality, energy conservation and storm water attenuation… and it’s beautiful!
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