Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why are we seeing so many unsheltered individuals in Whittier now?
  • Has anyone from City Hall visited any of the homeless encampments?
  • Is anyone asking where homeless individuals are from? Are the individuals in encampments from our community?
  • There are homeless people near schools/in parks/near churches/in the library/at shopping centers. What can be done?
  • Why are we seeing encampments in our community?
  • Why can’t the police enforce park curfew hours?
  • Why isn’t the City enforcing the anti-camping ordinance at the parks?
  • Where are homeless shelters allowed to be located in Whittier?
  • Who’s in charge of serving homeless individuals?
  • Our community has established shelters like Salvation Army Hospitality House and Whittier First Day, so why are there still people living on the streets in our community?
  • How would an individual be referred to a shelter? Who is eligible?
  • How will homeless individuals with mental health concerns be treated?
  • How much funding does the City receive because of the homeless problem?
  • Didn’t Los Angeles County raise its sales tax by ¼% through Measure H in order to address homelessness? What’s happening with those funds?
  • Why is the City considering adopting a shelter crisis declaration?
  • Why doesn’t the City have enough shelter beds?
  • Is the City going to build a shelter?
  • Whittier already has shelters, and other services for homeless people. Why should we build another shelter?
  • Could the City afford to run its own shelter to serve just Whittier homeless based on the homeless census numbers?
  • If Whittier builds a shelter, what happens to those that don’t want to go? Will laws be enforced? What happens if/when the shelter is full?
  • I have compassion for individuals who are experiencing homelessness, but I am concerned for my business; what can I do?
  • What will be done to ensure the Whittier community receives further information about the City’s attempts to address homelessness?
  • How can I help?
  • My church or service group is interested in helping; what’s the best way for us to get involved?
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