Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC)

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About the FPPC

The Fair Political Practices Commission is a five-member independent, non-partisan commission that has primary responsibility for the impartial and effective administration of the Political Reform Act.  The Act regulates campaign financing, conflicts of interest, lobbying, and governmental ethics. The Commission's objectives are to ensure that public officials act in a fair and unbiased manner in the governmental decision-making process, to promote transparency in government, and to foster public trust in the political system.

Elected officials and officers are required to file the following forms:

Copies of statements of economic interest and campaign statements may be obtained online from the City's Form 700 Search Portal, other forms are available from the City Clerk's Office located at 13230 Penn St, Whittier CA 90602 or by sending an email to ccd@cityofwhittier.org.


Whittier City Hall
13230 Penn Street
Whittier, CA 90602


FPPC Form 801: Gift to Agency Report
FPPC Form 801: Questions and Answers